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More and more companies are operating in multiple countries at the same time, with offices in different cities around the world. This is the reality of a globalized labor market. Going to study abroad and learn another language can allow you to land positions that require knowledge of several languages ​​and cultures. Your most important asset? You will really be able to speak the language of the country, since you will have lived there, which makes the practice of a language more operational for the world of work.


A 2014 European Commission survey questioning more than 80,000 people (students who stayed in France during their studies, students who went abroad and employers) reveals that 9 out of 10 employers are looking for “transversal skills” that students believe students have. gone to study in another country. The study also reveals that the unemployment rate of former students who went abroad (internships, “working holiday”, Erasmus) 5 years after obtaining their diploma is 23% lower than the rest of the students.


By having lived in another country, you have knowledge that others do not have: you know that things can be done differently in other cultures, which gives you an innovative look at certain situations. A problem to solve or a project to set up at work? Having studied and lived abroad will give you new ideas and a new perspective.


Going to study abroad confronts you with sometimes delicate situations, far from your loved ones and your family, and pushes you to show great autonomy, and to make decisions on your own. Employers know it well: if you went to live abroad as part of your studies, it is because you have the ability to adapt to a completely new environment, far from your usual benchmarks. A significant asset!


While studying abroad, you will meet people from all over the world. Whether they are French people met abroad who will be moving towards an international career, or foreigners, these people will remain in your network, and will be able, in addition to offering you the opportunity of rich friendships and multicultural, offer you professional opportunities.

Have you just validated your diplomas or do you simply want to change jobs? If you have the idea of going abroad , to an English-speaking country and to gain work experience, be prepared for job interviews that are slightly different from what you will have experienced in France. To help you, here are 5 things you can already work on.


This question is a preliminary in order to get to know you better and to relax the atmosphere. It is still a question of staying in the field of work and not talking too much about your private life. The important thing is also not to be boring and to show consistency in your professional career.

Prepare well:

  • You can write your personal autobiography and practice reciting it. To take a pictorial comparison, the CV is to the feature film, what the summary is to the trailer.
  • You have to sell yourself, without going into the “too much” and especially the “too arrogant”. Mention some of your qualities and illustrate it with a specific and concrete example. These qualities must be appropriate to the world of work of course.

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