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Why should you educate your child?

educate your child

The education is anchored in our society as a necessity. To educate is to teach an individual the social rules, the language, the adoption of a habit of common life.

Parents today want to give their children the best, but they are short on time. They are looking for benchmarks, simple advice for their education in order to provide them in the long term with all the keys to a happy life.

It is therefore essential that they know what educational tools they are going to put in place to raise your child. It must be able to develop in a stable and happy environment to flourish properly.

Thus, education plays an essential role in its development and in the way it will grow.

The development of the child’s personality

To educate is to transmit values, knowledge, to transmit elements that will be favorable to him later.

In other words, to educate your child, you can start by developing his personality with him.

By giving him self-confidence , from an early age. For example, congratulating him when he manages to do something on his own. Show him that we care about him, that he is worthy of being loved. Also, teach him to love himself, to accept himself.

It all started from there: education . Conversely, educating on aggressiveness, anger, hatred and violence will only make him lose all self-confidence and will not allow him to develop well.

Children pay close attention to what their parents tell them. Pay attention to the tone you use, the way you make yourself heard. Calculate your every word so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on him.

You can, for example, in the event of a conflict, teach him to communicate about his feelings. The emotion management is very important in children since it allows him to externalize his pain and resentment. In particular, this allows him to move forward and forgive certain mistakes made.

The socialization of one’s being

Human beings are social by nature and by necessity: they cannot meet their needs without the help of others.

For this reason, it is essential that you teach your child to live in community.

This involves educating your child about social life; to accept constraints, rules, prohibitions, respect for the natural environment, respect for others and for oneself.

And this educational work goes through the perception of work, that of true love, but also by the response to its philosophical questions.

Education is giving your child the chance to be a good person who can make a difference when they grow up. Your education thus reflects your values, through the transmissions you have made to him, but also your desire to see him become someone in his own right! “What I want to try to do is set up a group of young academics who are passionate about the right to education. We are embarking on a large project on Justiciability, which examines the extent to which the law and the courts can be used to ensure the provision and quality of education. We use as a framework the reports of the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to education, Mr. Kishore Singh. “

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UNESCO launched a digital campaign on the # Right to Education, a priority right at the heart of our global mandate to ensure access for all to a quality education. quality. Find out more.

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