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Why choose MCI approved medical colleges in Georgia?

medical colleges in Georgia

One of the most ideal places for medicine globally is Europe. People from different parts of the globe come to Europe to study MBBS has become the most preferred place to study MBBS. There are several seats for MBBS in Europe and in the past few years it has become one of the best choices for all the MBBS students. Europe is a home to some of the best universities and MBBS in Europe is the best choice as there are amazing universities there that offer world class education. The experts at MBBS Europe universities are extremely professional and the mci approved, medical colleges in Georgia is cost effective so one can be stress free.

The duration of MBBS in Europe is around 6 years and in this 6 years of MBBS course one year of internship program is included.

Teaching medium while studying MBBS in Europe

The medium of MBBS education in European universities is English and English is the main language used to teach MBBS. Other European languages are also part of the study curriculum but they are used as secondary language.

Intake of MBBS study in Europe

The classes for MBBS course study in Europe start by the end of September or October and the overall process of medical education in Europe starts around September. It important for students to be aware that there will be different students applying from different countries so the seats are limited and admission is served on the basis of first serve basis. It is vital for students to apply for admission in July or August and for simple and convenient MBBS admission in Europe one must apply as soon as possible. They can also get in touch with the medical universities in Europe to get more information. It is important for students to consider MBBS in abroad surely.

Students must be at least 17 years of age on or before 31st December of admission year and they must complete 10 + 2 standard exam with science degree. They must have physics chemistry and biology besides English as their main subjects in 12 standard. They must secure at least 50% in the 12th grade examination and to qualify MBBS in Europe they must complete NEET exam.

The students need to be present with all the original documents when it comes to taking admission in European universities. They must have scanned mark sheet copy of 10th and 12th standard besides birth certificate a valid passport migration certificate and bank statement of their guardian to confirm that they can afford the tuition fee and living cost. Passport size photographs are mandatory besides having an offer letter from the university. The document must be 100% genuine and original and if students face any issue with the authenticity of the document the admission might be stopped immediately.

Steps to apply for admission in European MBBS universities

Students need to fill up the online application form with the light details and they should not make any errors or else it might lead to elimination of their form. Once they are done filling up the application form they will receive the offer letter. The offer letter will be from the university that they have applied. Once they receive the offer letter they can pay the MBBS course fee. After the payment of the course by the students can start with the visa process . Once the students receive visa card they can catch a flight to Europe and make their dream come true at amazing universities.

Reasons to study MBBS in Europe

MBBS in Europe is preferred by several students. One can easily find MBBS universities in Europe that offer English as a medium of education and they don’t have to pay anything extra for the course in English. The course material is related to the MBBS syllabus in India so students can cope up easily. It makes studying quite easy. The cost of education of MBBS in Europe is quite cost effective than other countries or even in India. Studying MBBS in Europe is the best option as the living cost in several part of the continent is quite cheap. The top rated MBBS universities offer affordable accommodation. The best of all is that Indian food is also easily available so students will not face any stress. All the universities here are approved by NMC and they can easily come back to India and get a license after clearing the NMC screening. If students wish they can also stay in Europe and continue their career there in fact students can practice anywhere in the world as universities are recognised by the prominent bodies.

MBBS degree in Europe is always great value than other places at the university provides world class admission to all the students. They have a state of the art infrastructure when it comes to labs research centres etc. The medical study in Europe includes field experience besides theoretical studies. The duration of courses is  5 years. After completing the MBBS course students can also go for MD degree.

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