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What is the CLAT syllabus for the UG exam?

CLAT syllabus for the UG exam

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a law school entrance exam conducted in India by the National Law Universities. It is considered one of the most challenging exams in the country.

The CLAT score is used for admissions to 17 NLUs and several other private law colleges across India. Some of the famous universities where CLAT scores are accepted for admission are National Law University, Delhi, National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi (NUSRL), National Law University Odisha, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, and Goa University, which were added after a recent Supreme Court Judgement.

CLAT Syllabus

CLAT exam is for 150 marks with 150 questions. The CLAT Syllabus comprises five sections as given below.

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1) English language: The UG CLAT Syllabus for the English language comprises passages and questions related to the same. All the instructions are to be followed while attempting the questions. The topics covered in the UG CLAT English Language section are reading skills, writing skills, comprehension skills, essay writing, etc. In addition, students need to learn various academic writing styles like prose, MLA format essays, etc., which are not very tough to understand.

2) Current affairs, including general knowledge: In the UG CLAT Syllabus for current affairs, students have to take up a series of questions from the country’s current affairs. Students have to be very sharp in understanding and sorting out what is recent or what is not.

3) Legal reasoning: The section comprises questions that test students’ logical and analytical skills. The UG CLAT Syllabus for Legal reasons tests students’ ability to apply and analyse information presented in various forms.

4) Logical reasoning: The UG CLAT Syllabus for logical reasoning comprises questions that test your ability to apply formal logic and mathematical procedures to assess your critical thinking skills.

5) Quantitative techniques: In UG CLAT Syllabus for Quantitative Techniques, students are tested with questions that assess their abilities in applying and analysing quantitative data.

How to Prepare for CLAT?

The best way to prepare for CLAT is to take mock tests online/offline/step-by-step, etc. This will give you an idea of what to expect in the actual CLAT exam. The most crucial point is to have a target in mind and prepare accordingly. You can follow our sample papers and video lectures offered by BYJU’S App.

Some Important Topics for CLAT Exam Syllabus

Contracts and Torts are the most critical topics in the CLAT exam, where you will be given questions on them in both parts. There will be some scenario-based questions on criminal law as well.

In conclusion, you can say that the CLAT syllabus for the UG exam comprises a combination of a variety of sections that test students’ knowledge on various topics based on an expected standard. Many questions are also time-consuming, so it’s not possible to follow the UG CLAT syllabus word for word. Students have to be wise while choosing their answers and maintain the basics of each topic.

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