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The good reasons to study abroad

study abroad

Going abroad to study cannot be improvised  ! First of all, are you leaving for the right reasons? Here are 5 which are the ones to remember.

Learn a foreign language

 what better way to learn a foreign language than total immersion  ? Continuous practice of a language with native speakers is the best way to master it.

Thanks to your studies, you may even have a technical vocabulary specific to a field of expertise (management, finance, communication, etc.). An invaluable asset for recruiters . In addition to the professional advantage, mastering other languages will allow you to make friends more easily and why not settle in the country later!

A one-year stay is of course the ideal .

We invite you to the Studyrama International Training fair organized in Paris and online.

Discover a new culture

Globalization has made most cultures uniform , but not completely! Each keeps its specificities. It can then be interesting to discover other ways of life, this will give you a greater openness of mind .  Thanks to a sharp critical mind, you will now have points of comparison to judge events at home or elsewhere.

Personal development guaranteed

 Without your loved ones, you will have to fend for yourself. A unique experience to gain self-confidence  ! You will thus learn to know yourself better but also to open up to others. On the strength of your numerous encounters and your new resourcefulness, you will come back transformed .

Learn differently

 You will have to adapt to a learning environment where the rules are different.

Likewise, homework is not handwritten but all typed up on the computer, just like in professional life!

Don’t panic: you will surely be up to the task. If you are accepted to a foreign school , it usually means that you are a good student.

Promote your CV

The ultimate goal of studying abroad is to enhance one’s education. In this era of globalization , an international career has more value for the recruiter.Living outside France also means having to show ingenuity and adaptation . These qualities are highly sought after in the world of work. In addition, this experience abroad will be the way to differentiate yourself from others and more easily find your place in the job market. Don’t forget to write it on your CV  !

“I learned to live far from home and to integrate myself into a new environment”

“I wanted to go abroad for a year to add a ‘plus’ to my CV. Thanks to Erasmus, I had a grant to finance my trip and I was given priority to have a room in a student residence. In Germany, my training did not have a specific name.I now know that I can easily move to the other side of the world if my employer asks me to. If you have the opportunity to go with Erasmus, do so. It’s very easy. You will then be able to “experience Europe”, this Europe that some qualify as harmful or non-existent. I can say it: Europe does exist, for who makes these exchanges! “

Going solo and on your own is a real pleasure for some. . It is true that the obstacles exist  : choice of training, health insurance , high cost of travel and residence in the foreign country …

For a majority of students, a little cautious at the idea of piling up this paperwork , there is a solution: exchange programs, the best known of which is Erasmus + However, do not expect to be able to leave off the cuff. In this area, no miracle: a departure for abroad is being prepared. So count to the minimumone year before the scheduled departure date , if only for registrations.

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