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Journey to LBSNAA, Mussoorie – IAS Training Institute

Training Institute

Post Qualifying UPSC CSE, Aspirants are referred as Officers Trainee and are inducted to LBSNAA, Mussoorie for training. Each Aspirant while undergoing preparation dreaming of training at LBSNAA, Mussoorie. The best brain across the country is assembled together for training by eminent faculty members and others important Personalities which eventually helps officer Trainees in grooming their Personality and transforms them to tackle challenging real problems of Society.

UPSC CSE is not easy as it checks students Patience, determination, focus, Intelligent Quotient as well as Emotional Quotient. While preparing for this Prestigious IAS Exam students learn so many things that they develop their mindset to face real life challenges and resolve those issues in best possible manner.

Every year lakhs of candidates write this IAS Exam and merely few hundreds of them qualify finally and reach LBSNAA, Mussoorie.

Here in this Blog, we will be able to know Life of Officers Trainee at LBSNAA, Mussoorie.

LBSNAA, Mussoorie 

AtLBSNAA (LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ADMINISTRATION), Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, successful candidates are inducted for training and are called as officer trainees. All officer Trainees irrespective of their services (IAS/IRS/IFS) are provided same training.

  • Life at LBSNAA starts at 6:00 am, at this time all the trainees are expected to do PT in order to maintain Physical fitness. The environment at Mussoorie is awesome for this activity.
  • Foundation course at LBSNAA is unique as the classes are demonstrative in nature. For Example, under Art & Culture if the topic is Bharatnatyam then the best Performer of Bharatnatyam perform this dance & then share his views about it and its importance and how it helps in preserving our rich culture. Under this foundation course subjects like History, Economics, Management, Law & Public Administrations are taught.
  • During the Foundation Course Trainees are interacting with Inside as well as Outside Faculty from Prominent Institutions like IIMs , Secretaries from different Ministry ,Prominent Minister from Government, Bureaucrats and several others Influential People.


  • 10 Days Trekking – Trainees are divided into small groups for Trekking for 10 Days. During this Period they remain with the group members, facing the difficulties, managing themselves with limited resources .Apart from Physical Fitness, this activity boost confidence and develop leadership skills as well as executing the task in a group.


  • Bharat Darshan Programme is the most fascinating Program which enables Trainees to visit almost all the important Places, Institutions and interacting with the prominent Personalities across the Country. This Provides them knowing the things closely and interacting with the key People and the general masses. This Program continues for 48- 51 days. The groups are divided in a group of 18 -20 on the Cadre basis.

District Training:

  • As a part of the Program, Trainees are attached with the District based on their Cadre and tries to learn the things on the Field. This helps them in knowing the things in a better way, how general administrations are executed, what the challenges are and how to resolve these issues.
  • Training in Ministry

All IAS trainees are exposed to Ministries for 2- 3months .This enables them with the work culture at Ministries. Each Ministry has different departments headed by Secretary. These Secretaries are those who have already served in District as Collectors or DM. They are experienced enough to find out the issues if certain Policies are implemented in a District and how to resolve those upcoming issues.


The First Posting of IAS trainees are as SDM in a District. This Post has a lot of power associated with it. Within 2 -3 years SDMs are promoted as District Collectors.

KEEP THE END FIRST, if you have read the book 7 Habits of highly Effective People wherein the Author has suggested keeping the end first before initiating any task.

Similar to it generally all UPSC CSE Aspirants are targeting for IAS to get the Post of District Collector in a District. This is the reason why some selected Candidates allotted different service writes the Exam again.

Also some aspires to get Training in LBSNAA, Mussoorie. People do not remain the same after training, they get transformed completely.

Here is what Miss. Prerna Singh; IAS 2017 batch has to say about Life at LBSNAA.

If you are an IAS Aspirant, wanted to convert your dream into a reality, you may take guidance from GS Score, BEST Institute for UPSC CSE. Here Students are mentored under the right Guidance of Mr. Manoj K Jha Sir .We believes all the Aspirants are of different wavelength with respect to their IQ and hence all of them require different nurturing. Each Student is nurtured and one may witness gradual development with respect to their preparation after few weeks itself.

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