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5 Trends in Digital Marketing World in 2022

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Digital Marketing is massively increasing nowadays. There are so many ways we can do Digital Marketing on a large scale. Day by day new marketing trends are coming.

 In this blog, we are going to see 5 trends in Digital Marketing 2022

1 Voice search

When you say, Hey Google! Then Google is ready to answer your question. You are asking something to your device and the device is talking to you, isn’t this fun? Yes, it’s possible because of technology. According to PwC study, there is about 65% of the people age group of 29-49 use voice searches at least once a day. You may have any voice assistance like Google, Siri, or Alexa. When you ask any question, these assistants are ready to serve the answer. You don’t need to type anything; you just need to click on voice assistance.

Voice search is an easier option when you are driving when you are at work. It is easy to use for people who are not much friendly with the devices. Google’s voice searches are about 95% accurate. Voice search comes in conversational Artificial Intelligence.

Voice search is important because,

  • You can search anything without typing and without stopping any work
  • Google assistance understands 44 languages. You can use 3 languages, one is the device language and the other two languages are of your choice.
  • It is easy assistance for new users also
  • Google, Siri, and Alexa are like your personal assistant in your pocket.


2 Video Marketing

For convincing your audience you need to upgrade yourself. In the back days, people used to do advertising by content and some pictures. But now you can convince them easily by video advertising. By creative ideas, you can make your customer believe in that product or service. More audiences can engage by video advertising.

Do you know why video marketing is important? Let me give you an example, suppose you need to buy a mobile phone, then you will search it online, you will get some information with images. You can choose by seeing it, but when you see a mobile phone video advertisement, they show what features are in it, how easy to carry that phone, and other smart features. The video can be more convincing than an advertisement with the image.

Why is video ads/marketing is important more than any other ads?

  • Get more engagement
  • The audience can stay longer by interesting video content
  • Video ads show all the features for better understanding the product


3 Instagram reels

Nowadays Marketing is fun. There are many interesting ways for marketing, one of them is an Instagram reel. Most of the youth is present on Instagram, including adults also. You can promote your product or service in just 15 seconds to 60 seconds. It is a time-saving plus attractive part of the marketing. It’s cost-free, and there is no limit to sharing it. And recently everyone is using reels for growing.

Instagram reels are trending because,

  • It is for free
  • It is sharable
  • You can promote anything in just 15-60 seconds
  • You can reach to many people in no time

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4 Chatbots

Chatbot means conversational automation software program. The chatbot is a conversational AI. This can be used for any business. Chatbot saves time, you can ask any query, any information, and get the answer quickly. It helps in generating leads. Chatbots are just like someone is in your service 24/7.

Benefits of Chatbot Marketing,

  • You can use it for any business
  • It helps in getting leads
  • You can get a quick response here
  • 24/7 service


5 Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is booming recently. As we see some celebrities or social media influencers work for some product. They try to sell a product or service to a convincing audience. On a celebrity’s or influencer’s page or an account you might have seen “Paid partnership with…” that means, they are trying to sell that product, that means Influencer Marketing. Influencers make the audience believe.

Influencer Marketing helps in,

  • To reach more audience
  • Improving SEO

These are the top 5 trends on our list. Learn these trends today, and be an expert Digital Marketer. I hope this blog is helpful for you. Be Digital Expert With Online Digital Marketing Course In Pune

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